Owner Maintained

Owner-maintenance category is open to a list of unsupported, small aircraft. Pilot/owners of aircraft switched into this category are eligible to perform the maintenance on their aircraft; effect modifications and repairs without Transport Canada approval; install uncertified parts; and sign the maintenance release for all maintenance performed.

The Owner-Maintenance Category was developed to allow certain certified fixed-wing aircraft to be maintained, modified and upgraded under similar regulations as amateur built aircraft.

Owner-Maintenance Category became part of Transport Canada’s Recreational Aviation Policy in June 1996. That policy was accepted and approved by the Minister of Transport.

Under the O-M Category, Aircraft Pilot/Owners are Eligible To:

  • maintain an airplane

  • refurbish all or part of an airplane

  • overhaul all or part of an airplane

  • install certified and uncertified parts

  • install or replace any instruments or avionics

  • modify an airplane

  • rebuild an airplane that is out of service

  • sign the maintenance release.

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